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Frequently asked Questions

Will it make tight turns?

You can stand on the wheel brake and do the tightest of 180 degree turns and the harrow will be right behind you, flat and ready to roll.

Other brands fold over on themselves and require dismounting the tractor to fix.

Will it tangle?

No matter how roughly it has been used or how old it is, it will never tangle.

Other brands will after a little rough use or wear become easily tangled and bunch up in the middle rendering them ineffective.

Is it easy to repair?

If needed the harrow can be repaired right in the field with 2 small wrenches.

Other brands generally have to be taken back to the shop for a session with the torch, hammer, and welder.

Can the life be extended when the leading edge is worn out?

The draw bar can be attached to either end. Individual sections are also available to replace any that are badly worn.

Other brands come in 8 foot sections and parts are not available.

Does it have a long life?

The material while stong and ductile is harder than mild steel and thus lasts longer. If it is ever damged the repairs are simple and easy, which makes it a durable and long lasting tool.

Other brands Generally do not last as long since they are made from mild steel that wears rapidly and bends easily. When damaged and worn repairs are difficult.

Does it self clean?

Because it is heavier and has smaller sections, trash will be pushed in front until a sufficient weight is accumulated. The harrow will roll the trash out, leaving an easily removable row.

Other brands dont because they are light and the section is large, trash accumulates and renders them ineffective until the tractor is dismounted and the harrow is cleaned by hand.

Will it knock down gopher mounds?

Being a much heavier implement it knocks down gopher mounds and scatters the dirt.

Other brands wont because they are lighter and just ride over the top of the mounds.

Will it remove stubble from ridges?

Because of its good self cleaning feature, it works well for such applications.

Other brands will but alot of dismounting is required to hand clean the harrow.

Does it clean up a meadow in one pass?

Generally once around will do it and even areas of heavy concentration wont require more than 2 passes.

Other brands require repeated passes on heavier concentrated ares and then still dont get it all.

Can it be pulled at high speeds?

Speeds up to 15 MPH are common and when there is other work to do and lots of acreage this is a major advantage.

Other brands tend to jump and the back flips up at higher speeds.

Is it easily transported?

Because a 4 foot deep section is all you need and because it folds easily, it makes a compact, easy handling implement. It can also be pulled sideways through narrow gates.

Other brands come in 8 foot sections and do not fold easily. They are bulky and hard to handle.

What brand of flexible harrow should I buy?

Hi-Valley of course.
It is the most productive machine on the market.
Fields are harrowed in significantly less time with improved results. Down time and off the tractor time is virtually non-existent. It has a longer useful life due to the superior material and design. Parts are available to replace any worn or broken sections and are easily replaced. And best of all the Hi-Valley Harrow is competitively priced to fit your budget.


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