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We are the leading manufacturer of the finest quality harrow on the market.
We believe this to be the most versatile harrow ever built and can be used for all applications, and do them well.
For the horseman this is an outstanding implement to level and groom the arena.

Hi-Valley Mfg. Co began production in 1988 and has sold products throughout the US and Canada.
The design was conceived to eliminate the problems inherent in other flexible harrows.
In 1997 a design change was incorporated to reduce costs. The change replaced every other delta section with a steel bracket.
The bracket rotates which causes it to act as a hammer, breaking up manure or dirt clods.
While this change reduced the weight per square foot and the number of tines, this model still weighs 80% more per square foot and has twice the tines as our competitors harrow.
The hammer action produces results comparable to the original design although because it is lighter an extra pass in areas of high concentration may be necessary.
If you choose the original model or the new hammer model the results will be excellent and far exceed any competitors flexible harrow.
When value is a consideration Hi-Valley is always the best choice. We provide better results, less maintenance, faster speeds, and longer life.
In other words a superior product!

What our Harrow does

Breaks up and distributes manure in pastures.

Destroys fly eggs and dries pens for dairy men.

Breaks up and levels arenas.

Prepares seed beds behind a disc.

Breaks clods behind chisel in dry land minimum till.

Travels at high speeds.

Wears longer than other harrows.

Folds up for easy transport.

Cleans itself.

When you combine the superior productivity, the longer life and price, The Hi-Valley Harrow is the best buy and an excellent investment.


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